Powerhouse of talent

The importance of education and preparing the workforce of the future is an aspect Bologna takes very seriously. After all we’re home to Europe’s first university which has become the most international university in Italy and Europe’s first destination for Erasmus programs.

Moreover, the University of Bologna is part of MUNER, the motor vehicle University of Emilia-Romagna, an automotive-focused program part of universities throughout the region, to specialize the future’s professionals in engineering and continue to create the masterpieces our land delivers to the world.

All master's programs are promoted by Alma Mater as well as Bologna Business School, a business oriented international community with over 50 programs that qualify high leveled managers in various industries and specializations.

The excellence of our entrepreneurial system is mirrored in our education and research thanks to a continuous collaboration between the two and a constant valorisation of our education’s technical-scientific knowledge and its application in various industries.

‘STEAM’, a scientific technical high school in Bologna opened Italy’s main association that represents manufacturing and service companies in 2019. This school is added to a long list of technical schools throughout the territory that prepare students to fulfill the high demand for skilled professionals by companies operating in the area’s supply chain.

Bologna metropolitan area is a fertile territory, a land for new talents, a junction for thoughts and know-how, where young graduates can develop their skills in new entrepreneurial projects and where businesses can find technicians, researchers, managers and skilled blue-collar workers.

87.758 students enrolled in graduate and master programs (AY 2018/2019) of which 4.484 are international students 10 Research and education centers 230 research projects financed by the European Union for H2020 78 graduate programs of which 62 are in Engl