Get around the metropolitan area with transports

Get around the metropolitan area with transports

An efficient mix of rail and road, car and bike sharing services is available in the metropolitan area, to be used as an alternative to private vehicles. 

To take advantage of all the possibilities of public transport it is useful to use the Public Transport function on Google Maps, which allows you to view the integrated means of transportation to reach your destination and the closest departure time. 

As for the use of the car, municipalities often have Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL), areas in which access to particular categories of vehicles is restricted, either permanently or at certain times. In particular, the Municipality of Bologna has activated a ZTL in the historic center in which the circulation of motor vehicles is subject to limitations every day from 7 to 20. 

Within the city there are multiple parking lots, including interchange between public and private transport. 


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Bologna metropolitan area services

The current metropolitan public transport network consists of the Metropolitan Railway Service and high frequency urban / suburban bus lines, and bus network of the city of Bologna. 

The Metropolitan Railway Service 

The Metropolitan Railway Service (SFM) project includes a progressive strengthening of the railway infrastructures, for a total of 87 stops, 22 of which are newly built, especially in the municipalities around Bologna and in the city of Bologna. It consists of 6 lines, which cover the metropolitan area, the map can be viewed here. The SFM has different types of tickets and passes whose price is calculated bsaed on the areas and not on the different means used. 

It is possible to travel on SFM trains with a bike, paying a supplement. In Emilia Romagna there is also the annual pass Mi Muovo Bici in Treno to travel with the bike in tow on Trenitalia and Tper equipped trains within the regional borders, costing 60 euros. The ticket can be purchased at the Trenitalia and Tper ticket offices. 


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Urban and suburban buses 

The metropolitan area of Bologna is served by high frequency urban and extra-urban bus lines. These services are managed by the Tper company and are accessible with a single ticket, monthly and annual subscription. 


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Marconi Express 

The Marconi Express, also known as the people mover of Bologna, is the public transport system that connects the G. Marconi Bologna-Borgo Panigale airport with the Bologna Centrale High Speed station, with an intermediate stop at the Lazzaretto university center. 


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Bologna metropolitan area bike and car sharing

In particular for the Municipality of Bologna, the cycle path system is constantly expanding and connects the main areas of the city in 12 cycle paths and can count on the free-flow bike sharing platform Mobike, which offers the city a park of 2500 bicycles, of which 250 with pedal assistance and 200 Mobike Hubs (spaces reserved for bicycle parking). In Bologna the car sharing service is present with Enjoy (100 petrol-powered vehicles) and Corrente (240 electric cars). 


Enjoy, service of ENI FUEL SpA

The service can be reserved via app. With Enjoy cars it is possible to enter the Limited Traffic Zone, in the "T" Zone (via Rizzoli-Indipendenza-Ugo Bassi, on non-T-Days), in the University Zone, in San Francesco area and circulate even on non-T-Days traffic block. Parking is free on the blue lines and in the areas reserved for residents. The vehicles, available 24 hours a day, are parked in the service coverage area and there are no fixed pick-up and drop-off locations. At the end of its travel, the vehicle can also be returned to a position other than that in which it was picked up.


Corrente, service of Omnibus società consortile managed by Tper

The service can be reserved via app. With Corrente cars it is possible to enter the Limited Traffic Zone, in the "T" Zone (Rizzoli-Indipendenza-Ugo Bassi, on days not during T-Days), in the University Zone, in the San Francesco area, along the preferential and circular lanes even on days when traffic is blocked. Parking is free on the blue lines and in the areas reserved for residents. The vehicles are available 24 hours a day. The customer can view the available vehicles closest to their position or to another address indicated, through the Corrente App, on the map that identifies the operational area of the service. It is possible to end the rental in the release area, on blue or white stripes for free. 


Source: Municipality of Bologna 


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Regional area services

It is possible to move throughout the metropolitan area (and the Emilia-Romagna Region) thanks also to the regional train service, for the part managed by the Trenitalia Tper company. You can consult the map of the regional train service here. The range of services in fact allows you to reach not only most of the municipalities in the metropolitan area, from the Apennines to the plain, but also the entire regional territory. The list of services and routes is available on the dedicated page. It is possible to take advantage of both metropolitan and regional road and rail services (except the Marconi Express) thanks to the cumulative “Mi Muovo” (monthly or annual) pass. 


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Tickets and passes

To use the different means of transportation, there are different types of tickets and passes. Tper tickets are divided into urban area, suburban area and monthly and annual passes. All travel tickets must be validated at each access on the vehicle. 

Tickets and passes can be purchased through the MUVER and ROGER apps (available for iOS and Android), at the Tper points in the area, at resellers, at automatic ticket machines. Tickets can also be purchased on board the bus with a surcharge. 

Urban area of Bologna: 

  • One-way ordinary ticket: € 1.50 / € 2 on board 
  • Citypass: € 14 
  • Daily: € 6 
  • Ecoticket: 45 € 
  • Impersonal monthly pass: 36 € 
  • Personal annual pass: 330 € 
  • Impersonal annual pass: € 300 


Urban area of Imola: 

  • One-way ordinary ticket: € 1.50 
  • Metropolitan pass 1 zone - 10 journeys: 14 € 
  • Personal monthly pass: € 28 
  • Personal annual pass: € 256 


Extra-urban area: 

To travel in the extra-urban routes, travel tickets are required that correspond to the number of areas crossed, more information is available on the dedicated page of Tper 


Tper monthly and annual passes 

All subscriptions issued by TPER are available on the MiMuovo card. "Mi Muovo" allows citizens to use different means of transportation (regional and local trains, urban and suburban buses) throughout the region with the same ticket (travel ticket) whose price is calculated based on the route traveled and not to the means used. The "Mi Muovo" system provides different types of passes (annual, monthly, Citypiù) which can be consulted here. TPER personal annual passes (urban or zoned) are valid for 12 months (365 days from the date of validity). They allow you to circulate every day without limitation of trips and times. Passes are loaded on a rechargeable "Mi Muovo" microchip card, valid for 5 years, on sale at 5 Euros at TPER Points. 

With the pass you can use either the buses, the suburban lines and the Tper trains of the Bologna-Vignola, Bologna-Portomaggiore railways. 

Monthly passes (urban or extra-urban in zones) are also loaded on the MiMuovo a Microchip card. 

Finally, the Roger app is available for the cities of Bologna and Imola to calculate the travel route and purchase bus and train tickets, and pay for parking. 


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