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Choosing the area depends a lot on your budget, your needs of proximity to the workplace or family needs. In the city of Bologna there are also interesting areas not far from the city center where looking for an accommodation, while in the entire metropolitan area there is a rich fabric of municipalities with excellent services and a good connection with Bologna city. In case you need to stay temporarily, to search for a house for your stay, Bologna in particular offers several possibilities of temporary accommodation.

To learn more about the methods of renting and buying a house, consult the section dedicated to access to the real estate market.

The neighborhoods of the city of Bologna

The further out you go from the city center, the better chances you have to find more housing options at considerably lower prices. You will need to base your choices on things like the needs of everyone in your household, whether you need a car or if there is public transportation and whether there is access to facilities you may need (such as schools). The city of Bologna is characterized by various and unique neighborhoods:

The historic center 
This is the area that was once surrounded by ancient city walls, of which the old gates are still standing. The historic center is the heart of the city, full of noble and residential buildings of remarkable architectural and artistic beauty, the porticoes and the centuries-old University of Bologna. A large part of it is closed to motorized traffic, where many luxury apartments may be found, but also more reasonably priced housing options.

Santo Stefano District
This discrict is characterized by large green areas, neighborhood retail trade and the proximity to the city center, it can be reached by a 15 minute bus ride. Architecturally, it is characterized by Art Nouveau-style buildings built in the 1920s and '30s, apartment buildings from the 60s and the 80s (cheaper to rent), buildings constructed between the 30s and the 60s, and villas on the hillsides.

San Donato - San Vitale District
Not far from the city center we find the San Donato – Fiera district, characterized by the massive trade fair center built there in the 1970s. The area holds residential areas, as well as commercial, agricultural and financial centers (such as the Trade Fair and the wholesale fruit and vegetable market). Rents are considerably lower here compared to other areas, especially the further you go from the city center, where it is possible to find ares well served by means of transport, public parks, green areas and servces (schools, sports centers and facilities).
The area called San Vitale is relatively close to the city center and offers many opportunities for housing rentals. This is the neighborhood where the renowned Policlinico Sant’Orsola - Malpighi is located.

Savena District
This neighborhood is characterized by a good roadway network providing quick access to the highway and the Bologna by-pass road (tangenziale). In addition, connection to the city center by public transport is very frequent and reliable. 
It is also crisscrossed by well-lit bicycle and pedestrian paths, public and private parks and gardens, making it a convenient and comfortable part of town to live in, with plenty of public services and schools.

Porto - Saragozza District
The area known as Porto includes the Central train station, now with the new name Stazione Bologna centrale - 2 Agosto 1980 and part of the historic city center. In the neighborhood there is also the Maggiore Hospital, wel connected to the whole city and characterized by green areas. 
The Costa – Saragozza area is surrounded by hills, one of which hosts the remarkable Santuario of San Luca  with its almost 4 km of porticoes leading to it. This is the area where you will find the Renato Dall'Ara city's stadium. The price of renting or buying accomodation in this area can be higher than in other neighborhoods outside the historic center. 

Navile District

Among the different areas of the Navile district, the Bolognina area is in great ferment and transformation. Rents have grown, hand in hand with tourism development and the increase in the area's attractiveness, due to the proximity to the High-Speed Station and the People Mover / Marconi Express. The area is undoubtedly well served and remains close to the centre. In general, the neighbourhood offers several green spaces and public parks. The Lame and Corticella areas, always served by the public transport system, should also be considered for the rental and purchase prices of the houses. The Navile District will host the Big Data Techopole. 


Borgo Panigale - Reno District

A residential context characterizes the district. Still, it retains some industrial areas, craft businesses and cultural centres, and the presence of the Guglielmo Marconi Airport. There are public transport infrastructures in the whole territory, proximity to motorways, parks and green areas, essential services, recreational and sports centres.

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The Unions and the Municipalities of the metropolitan area

The metropolitan area of Bologna includes 55 Municipalities organized into 7 Unions. It is one of the most highly advanced areas in Europa thanks to a rich network of businesses that includes highly competitive manufacturing companies, logistics nodes, internationally recognized research centers, one of the best health care systems in Italy and a wealth of cultural offerings. 

Production and research excellences are distributed throughout the area, from the Apennines to the plain, as well as the services in the municipalities.

An example is the ENEA Brasimone Research Centre, located among the Apeninnes. It is one of the most centre both at national and international level for the study and development of technologies and materials in the sector of nuclear fusion; it will be a scientific centre of international excellence on technologies for fusion, for the production of radiopharmaceuticals for the diagnosis and treatment of tumors. 

Even outside the Municipality of Bologna, there are good housing solutions.


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Temporary accommodations

If you are looking for a temporary living situation or just need a place to stay for a few days, there is a vast network of hotels and B&Bs both in the city and in the surrounding metropolitan area. We advise you ask your employer, study center or University whether they have made some arrangements or agreements with any hospitality structures.


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