Make it here, take it anywhere

Bologna is a gateway to both national and international markets. Its strategic geographic position, combined with the excellent infrastructure network, the presence of the Guglielmo Marconi International airport, the High-Speed train station, the Interporto freight village and various other logistic platforms around the territory, make Bologna the second most important hub in Italy.

An important junction, featuring advanced services that characterize an economic and production system strongly focused on export and the second most important international exhibition center in Italy.


Thanks to the National Railway system and a strong and efficient presence of high speed trains, Bologna is well-connected to the rest of Italy.

From here, you can reach Italy’s northernmost Region (230 km) within two hours and the southernmost Region (670 km) in five hours.

Milano is a short one hour train-ride away whereas the Country’s capital, Rome, is reachable within two hours.

The municipalities of the metropolitan area of Bologna are connected to each other by over 350 km of railways and the presence of 84 stations.


In 2019, Bologna’s international airport Guglielmo Marconi counted over 9.4 milion passengers, 93 destinations and 57 airlines, strategically serving central and northern Italy offering easy and fast access to over 11 million residents and around 47,000 businesses.

Nestled between Bologna’s city center, reachable within fifteen minutes and the thriving industrial areas just outside the city, Bologna’s airport is ideally positioned for passengers flying in and out for business or leisure.

Commercial Port

Located an hour from the Bologna metropolitan area, the Commercial Port of Ravenna is the Region of Emilia Romagna’s main port and the country’s leader in trade and export to the major eastern Mediterranean markets and plays an important role for the Middle and far East.


The Bologna metropolitan area is directly connected to the main markets of Italy and Europe thanks to the presence of three of the nation’s most important highways and interstates. The Freight Village of Bologna is only one of the many innovative and sustainable logistics hubs present in the territory.

Bologna is a gateway to both national and international markets