What businesses say


Alberto Vacchi
President IMA Spa
La Repubblica Affari & Finanza

In Italy competitive manufacturing is possible. We’ve made the decision to bring our production back to Italy because we strongly believe that the workforce here is more skilled than elsewhere.


Remo Ricci
CEO Teko Telecom
Repubblica Bologna

The Bologna metropolitan area as well as the regional territory are fantastic because there’s an excellent network of universities, it’s centrally located in Italy and well connected to other countries.


Stefano Domenicali
CEO Lamborghini
La Repubblica Affari & Finanza

Here there’s professionalism, skills and craftsmanship that can’t be found elsewhere. The relationship between private companies and public entities that allow businesses to have a dialogue with local communities, institutions, universities and unions. This reflects on the creation of the new production plant for Super Suv Urus which was finalized in record timing, only 18 months.

Yoox Net-a-Porter Group

Federico Marchetti
Interview Federico Marchetti, Chairman and CEO YNAP, 13/12/2019, Il Resto del Carlino

In the past 20 years, we continuously invested in Italy and particularly in the Bologna Metropolitan Area, with the focus on our technology and logistics. Our Technological hub is located in Zola Predosa, which is considered as our ‘Silicon Valley’, where over 800 people are employed. The strategic decision of locating in this specific area allows us to be at the center of a dense territory with a high concentration of important technologic players that facilitate the creation of a stimulating ecosystem.

For logistics, we decided to locate in the Interporto Logistics Freight Village as it is located in a very strategic position; in the vicinity of a fundamental junction towards the rest of Italy as well as its central position in Europe that allows an easy access to other global hubs of our group.


Marco Palmieri
Founder at Piquadro
Repubblica Bologna

Speaking of Bologna and Emilia Romagna; Emilia is one of those incredible places in Italy, for bureaucracy, hospitals, schools there aren’t many places that offer the same circumstances, not even in the rest of
When we moved from Riola (inside the Metropolitan Area of Bologna) to Gaggio Montano, the province and Municipality provided me with all the permits within a year. “Do you plan on staying in Gaggio Montano?” Absolutely, the air here is fresh, making our brains work quicker.