The metropolitan area of Bologna and how to get here

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The metropolitan area of Bologna includes 55 Municipalities and 7 Unions of Municipalities, 400 thousand inhabitants in the Municipality of Bologna and 1 million in the entire metropolitan area, characterized by a very efficient industrial and service fabric, which places it among the first areas in Europe for development and growth.

It can boast the best female employment in Italy, a high rate of internationalization, excellent educational and health services.

In the metropolitan area, several companies are settled, both historic and newly established, from the automotive sector to packaging, which make it an interesting environment for job search and the creation of new businesses. Last but not least in importance is the role of the University of Bologna, which allows tens of thousands of students from all over the world to train and build new job opportunities here every year.

In addition, Bologna is at the top in Italy for the high quality of life, in particular for job opportunities, income, but also for the cultural, sports, health and educational offer.

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How to get here

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport allows you to arrive in the Emilia-Romagna capital from the main international hubs and directly from many European countries, thanks to the connections guaranteed by the main airlines.

To reach Bologna from the airport, in addition to taxis, the Marconi Express is also available from 2020, which covers the airport-station connection in 7 minutes.

The motorway system also connects the territory of the metropolitan area of Bologna with all the main urban centers of Italy while the railway network - of which Bologna is a fundamental hub in Italy - allows fast connection with the whole country and Europe, even thanks to the high-speed trains (AV) of Trenitalia and Italo, which connect the Bologna station with other Italian cities, including Milan, Turin, Rome in about 2 hours. Within the Region, you can also travel with the Trenitalia regional train network.

To get around the metropolitan area of Bologna, with different means of transport alternative to private vehicles, information is available here.


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